Criminal Justice

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Arizona Justice Alliance

David’s Hope or
The mission of David’s Hope is to reduce the numbers of those with mental disorders and addictions who are incarcerated through Prevention, Intervention and Treatment. David’s Hope promotes and secures treatment for those with mental health disorders and addictions through increasing collaboration between our mental health and criminal justice systems. Evidence based practices have shown us that diverting those with mental illnesses or co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders away from the criminal justice system and into comprehensive community-based treatment and support services will improve public safety and save tax payer dollars. David’s Hope provides education and mentoring, teaching people how to advocate for themselves and others. We work collaboratively in the community to share information, training and resources. Through education and mentoring we hope to create understanding in the community of the issues facing those living with mental illness involved in the criminal justice system.

The Arizona Justice Alliance (AJA), is a statewide coalition promoting sensible criminal justice policy.

The goal of the Arizona Justice Alliance is to identify and recommend changes to Arizona’s justice-related laws and practices to preserve and enhance public safety, reduce prison populations, and decrease corrections spending so that state resources can be invested in critical services that prevent crime, protect citizens and fulfill state priorities. Our work includes an initial focus on the impact of current criminal justice policies on children and people with mental illnesses.

Focused Coalition Goals

1. Reduce reliance on incarceration, with special emphasis on children and people with mental illnesses.
     A. Expand diversion opportunities.
     B. Revise mandatory sentencing policies.
2. Create earned release opportunities for non-violent offenders.
3. Increase the availability of crisis intervention training for law enforcement.