Nami Mission

Let others know that there is hope and understanding. You can change the way the world sees mental health.

NAMI will accomplish its mission by:

(1) Coordinating activities of NAMI Affiliates in Arizona and serving as a state organization of NAMI;

(2) Serving as a center within the State of Arizona for the collection and dissemination of information;

(3) Monitoring existing mental health care facilities, staff, and programming for adequacy and accountability;

(4) Promoting new legislation and revising existing legislation at the state level;

(5) Fostering public education about mental illnesses;

(6) Advocating for quality institutional and non-institutional care and individualized treatment for persons with mental illnesses;

(7) Promoting community support programs, including appropriate living arrangements linked with supportive social, rehabilitation, vocational, and employment programs;

(8) Promoting research into preventive and alternative modalities of treatment, rehabilitation, and cures;

(9) Improving private and governmental funding for mental health facilities and services, care and treatment, and residential and research programs;

(10) Forming a liaison with other State and national mental illness organizations;

(11) Delineating and enforcing patient and family rights;

(12) Soliciting and receiving funds in support of functions of the Organization;

(13) Encouraging and aiding in the formation of Affiliates throughout the State of Arizona.

NAMI ARIZONA: 5025 E. Washington Street, Suite 112, 602-244-8166;