The Peer Leadership Council (PLC)

Let others know that there is hope and understanding. You can change the way the world sees mental health.

What is The Peer Leadership Council (PLC)?

The Peer Leadership Council (PLC) is an advisory council to the NAMI National Board of Directors that allows each state to have a Peer Representative and an alternate who report monthly to the Council Chair on Peer related topics, concerns and programs going on in their state. A PLC member also sits on the National Board of Directors and along with the Chair can bring items to that board when appropriate. There are also several subcommittees of the Council that make reports to the Chair as well such as Education and Training and Advocacy. Any peer can listen to a call but only representatives or their alternates can vote on items.

For more information or questions or if you have a concern for peers in Arizona, your Representative is Lori Schectman from NAMI Southeastern Arizona. Her email is > .